On This Day In History, 19 April

On This Day In History 19 April Image

World Events Today

  • The British explorer Captain James Cook, is credited with being the first European to reach the South-East coast of Australia, today in 1770
  • The Waco siege, led by the religious sect Branch Davidians, which had been going on for 51 days, was ended today in 1993, around 80 members of the sect were killed in the process
  • The Oklahoma City bombing occurred today in 1995, 168 people died and more than 600 others were injured in the attack

Entertainment Events Today

  • The legendary child actress Shirley Temple, performed her breakthrough role in the American musical movie Stand Up and Cheer, it was released today in 1934
  • Ring of Fire, the hit single by Johnny Cash, was released today in 1963
  • The Simpson family, first appeared in an animated series of “shorts”, on The Tracey Ullman Show today in 1987

Family Events Today

  • Harold Dennis Bird OBE, better known as the English international cricket umpire Dickie Bird, was born today in 1933 in West Riding of Yorkshire
  • The French chef Michel Roux, OBE, who opened the London restaurant Le Gavroche with his brother, was born today in 1941, Le Gavroche became the first three Michelin starred restaurant in Britain
  • The English footballer Trevor Francis, who became Britain’s first 1 million pound player, following his transfer from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest, was born today in 1954

Main Event Today

  • The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, an act of Jewish resistance in German-occupied Poland during World War II, started today in 1943

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Hanging Out Day

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