On This Day In History, 9 May

On This Day In History 9 May Image

World Events Today

  • The Parliament of Australia was formed today in 1901
  • Parliament House in Canberra, the capital of Australia, was inaugurated today in 1988 by Queen Elizabeth II
  • Sadiq Khan officially took over from Boris Johnson as Mayor of London today in 2016

Entertainment Events Today

  • Queen Victoria attended Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, a circus-like performance of life in the Old West, which opened today in 1887 in London
  • Friday the 13th, the original movie of the American horror franchise, was released today in 1980 in the United States
  • The final episode of the American sitcom television series The Golden Girls, aired today in 1992 on the NBC network

Family Events Today

  • The American singer-songwriter Billy Joel, also known as “The Piano Man“, was born today in 1949 in New York
  • The hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, hairdresser of the stars, died today in 2012 aged 84
  • Frederick Leslie Fowell, better known as the English stand-up comedian Freddie Starr, star of many Royal Variety Performance shows, died today in 2019 aged 76

Main Event Today

  • The American Civil War, which had been running for just over 4 years, officially ended today in 1865 when President Johnson declared the insurrection was over, a month after Lee surrendered to Grant

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Lost Sock Memorial Day

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