On This Day In History, 8 February

On This Day In History 8 February Image

World Events Today

  • The Allende meteorite, fell over the Mexican state of Chihuahua today in 1969, it is the largest carbonaceous chondrite ever found on Earth
  • The Nasdaq Stock Exchange opened for the first time today in 1971, it was the world’s first electronic stock exchange
  • The last of the crew of Skylab, the first US Space Station, returned to Earth today in 1974, the station eventually burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere in 1979

Entertainment Events Today

  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame officially opened today in 1960, the 8 stars included Joanne Woodward and Burt Lancaster
  • After being recorded earlier in the year, Stop, in the Name of Love, by The Supremes, was released today in 1965
  • The American science fiction movie The Planet of the Apes, starring Charlton Heston, premiered today in 1968 at the Capitol Theatre in New York

Family Events Today

  • The American actor James Dean, most famous for his role in Rebel Without a Cause, was born today in 1931 in Indiana
  • The American novelist John Grisham, whose novels include The Firm and The Pelican Brief, was born today in 1955 in Arkansas
  • The British politician Enoch Powell, most noted for his “Rivers of Blood” speech, died today in 1998 aged 85

Main Event Today

  • Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded today in 1587, she had previously been found guilty of plotting to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Kite Flying Day

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