On This Day In History, 7 April

On This Day In History 7 April Image

World Events Today

  • The anti-colonial nationalist Mahatma Gandhi, suspended his campaign of civil disobedience in India today in 1934
  • Sinclair, famous for the ZX Spectrum home computer, sold out to Amstrad today in 1986
  • The Papal Concert to Commemorate the Shoah, was held today in 1994, it was the first official Vatican commemoration of the Holocaust

Entertainment Events Today

  • The English inventor John Walker, inventor of the wooden match, recorded his first sale today in 1827
  • The Australian Teddy Flack, won the Gold medal in the 1,500 meters final at the Summer Olympics in Athens today in 1896, the first Australian Olympic champion, even though he was actually born in the United Kingdom
  • Anne-Marie David singing Tu te reconnaitras, representing Luxembourg in Luxembourg, won the 18th Eurovision Song Contest today in 1973

Family Events Today

  • The English highwayman Dick Turpin died today in 1739, he was executed after previously being found guilty of two charges of horse theft
  • The American movie director Francis Ford Coppola, considered one the greatest filmmakers of all time, was born today in 1939 in Michigan
  • Chan Kong-sang, better known as the Hong Kong martial artist and actor Jackie Chan, was born today in 1954

Main Event Today

  • The World Health Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations concerned with world public health, was formed today in 1948

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Beer Day

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