On This Day In History, 5 July

On This Day In History 5 July Image

World Events Today

  • The US Secret Service was created today in 1865
  • Amazon.com, which started as an online marketplace for books, was founded today in 1994
  • The 95-storey Shard, as the tallest building in the United Kingdom, was inaugurated today in 2012

Entertainment Events Today

  • The BBC started daily televised news bulletins today in 1954
  • In an all American final, Arthur Ashe beat the defending champion Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon today in 1975, he became the first black man to win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title
  • The American sitcom television series Seinfeld, starring Jerry Seinfeld as a fictionalized version of himself, was aired for the first time today in 1989 on the NBC network

Family Events Today

  • James Burke, also known as the American gangster “Jimmy the Gent”, was born today in 1931 in New York, the character Jimmy Conway in the movie The Goodfellas is based on him
  • Hugh Anthony Cregg III, better known as the American singer-songwriter Huey Lewis, of Huey Lewis and the News, was born today in 1950 in New York
  • Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell, was “born” today in 1996

Main Event Today

  • Britain’s National Health Service, the NHS, with most services free at the point of use, was founded today in 1948

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Bikini Day

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