On This Day In History, 4 January

On This Day In History 4 January Image

World Events Today

  • Due to threats of civil disobedience, the British Viceroy of India, Lord Willingdon, arrested Gandhi today in 1932 in Bombay, modern day Mumbai
  • The newly introduced Euro traded for the first time today in 1999, it fell to new lows against most other currencies during 2000 before finally gaining strength
  • The Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper in Dubai, opened today in 2010 as the tallest structure and building in the world

Entertainment Events Today

  • After the owners of Luna Park, an amusement park in New York, claimed they could no longer look after it, Topsy The Elephant was electrocuted today in 1903, the event was filmed by the Edison Manufacturing movie company
  • After being founded in 1910, the Scout Association was fully incorporated throughout the British Commonwealth today in 1912
  • Robert Van Winkle, better known as the rapper Vanilla Ice, spent the night in jail today in 2001, he was arrested following a domestic dispute

Family Events Today

  • Louis Braille, the French inventor of the system of reading and writing, for use by the blind or visually impaired, was born today in 1809 in Coupvray
  • Christopher Richard Stein, better known as the English celebrity chef and restaurateur Rick Stein, was born today in 1947 in Oxfordshire
  • The Scottish singer-songwriter Gerald Rafferty, whose hits included Baker Street and Stuck in the Middle with You, died today in 2011 aged 63

Main Event Today

  • Spirit, one of two rovers of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission, successfully landed on Mars today in 2004

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Spaghetti Day

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