On This Day In History, 30 March

On This Day In History 30 March Image

World Events Today

  • The Crimean War, in which the Russian Empire lost to an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, France, Britain and Sardinia, ended today in 1856, after almost two and a half years of fighting
  • The British soldier, lawyer and Member of Parliament Airey Neave, was assassinated today in 1979, the Irish National Liberation Army, the INLA, had fitted his car with a bomb which exploded as he drove out of the Palace of Westminster car park
  • An assassination attempt was made on the life of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, today in 1981, he was shot and wounded, taken to hospital and released within 2 weeks

Entertainment Events Today

  • The now iconic cover picture of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper Album, was photographed today in 1967
  • The British historical drama movie Chariots of Fire, was released today in 1981, it went on to win 4 Academy Awards
  • Van Gogh’s Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers, sold at auction in London today in 1987, the price was at the time a record, just less than 40 million US Dollars

Family Events Today

  • The English novelist Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty, considered one of the best children’s novels ever written, was born today in 1820 in Great Yarmouth
  • The English guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Clapton, recipient of 18 Grammy Awards, was born today in 1945 in Surrey
  • Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, better known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, the widow of King George VI, died today in 2002 aged 101

Main Event Today

  • The sale of Alaska, by Russia to the United States, was agreed today in 1867, the price, 7.2 million US Dollars

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Take a Walk in the Park Day

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