On This Day In History, 30 June

On This Day In History 30 June Image

World Events Today

  • The Tunguska event, a supposed meteoroid explosion that occurred today in 1908, in the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga in Russia, flattened an estimated 80 million trees
  • The Night of the Long Knives, a series of at least 85 political executions that took place in Nazi Germany, started today in 1934
  • Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the United Nations agreed that power would be handed back to Iraq today in 2004

Entertainment Events Today

  • Gone with the Wind, the historical novel by the American author Margaret Mitchell, was first published today in 1936
  • The romantic comedy movie The Apartment, starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, was released today in 1960
  • Brazil beat Germany 2-0 today in 2002 to win the 17th FIFA World Cup Final in Japan, it was a record 5th title for Brazil

Family Events Today

  • The American boxer Mike Tyson, the youngest to win a heavyweight title, was born today in 1966 in New York
  • The English singer and television personality Cheryl Cole, who was a member of the girl band Girls Aloud, was born today in 1983 in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • The American swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals, was born today in 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland

Main Event Today

  • London’s famous Tower Bridge, close to the Tower of London, opened today in 1894

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Meteor Watch Day

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