On This Day In History, 3 November

On This Day In History 3 November Image

World Events Today

  • The first Act of Supremacy, was passed by the Parliament of England today in 1534, it meant Henry VIII and all subsequent monarchs, became Supreme Head of the Church of England
  • Following the end of World War II, Emperor Hirohito announced the new constitution of Japan today in 1946
  • One World Trade Center, in Lower Manhattan, New York, officially opened today in 2014

Entertainment Events Today

  • The movie The Wizard of Oz, was broadcast by CBS on television for the first time, today in 1956
  • Episode 1 of Series 1 of the hit American sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, was broadcast by NBC today in 1978
  • Michelle Payne became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup horse race today in 2015, she won on the 100 to 1 outsider Prince of Penzance

Family Events Today

  • The American actor Charles Bronson, most famous for his roles in The Magnificent Seven, Death Wish and The Dirty Dozen, was born today in 1921 in Pennsylvania
  • The famous female sharp-shooter Annie Oakley died today in 1926
  • The American boxer Larry Holmes, who defended his World Heavyweight Championship title 20 times, was born today in 1949 in Georgia

Main Event Today

  • The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 2 today in 1957, Laika the dog became the first animal in space and the first animal to orbit the Earth

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Sandwich Day

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