On This Day In History, 3 July

On This Day In History 3 July Image

World Events Today

  • The Attack on Mers-el-Kébir occurred today in 1940, the British Royal Navy attacked and sank a number of French ships, to ensure they did not fall into Nazi Germany hands, over 1,000 French servicemen lost their lives in the controversial attack
  • The Dow Jones Transportation Average, the most widely recognized gauge of the American transportation sector, was created today in 1884, it is the oldest index still in use today
  • After a 2-year renovation project, the United States President, Ronald Reagan, rededicated the Statue of Liberty today in 1984

Entertainment Events Today

  • The Swedish tennis legend Björn Borg beat the Romanian Ilie Năstase at Wimbledon today in 1976, it was the first of 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles for the Swede
  • The science fiction movie Back to the Future, starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as “Doc” Brown, was released today in 1985
  • The English singer-songwriter Lily Allen released her debut single Smile, today in 2006

Family Events Today

  • The American television personality Montel Williams, best known as the host of his own show, The Montel Williams Show, was born today in 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland
  • The American actor Tom Cruise, who starred in many movies, including Jerry Maguire and Top Gun, was born today in 1962 in Syracuse, New York
  • The American singer-songwriter Jim Morrison, the lead vocalist of the rock band The Doors, died today in 1971 aged 27

Main Event Today

  • The Battle of Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, ended today in 1863, the battle is often described as the turning point of the war, as the Union Army halted the Confederate Army’s advance north

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Chocolate Wafer Day

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