On This Day In History, 29 February

On This Day In History 29 February Image

World Events Today

  • In a bid to end the “Winter War”, Finland entered negotiations with the Soviet Union today in 1940
  • Karol Józef Wojtyła, who would go on to become Pope John Paul II, was run down and injured by a Nazi truck in Krakow today in 1944
  • Construction of the Tokyo Skytree, the iconic broadcasting and observation tower, was completed today in 2012

Entertainment Events Today

  • The actress Hattie McDaniel, became the first African American to win an Academy Award today in 1940, it was for the Best Supporting Actress as “Mammy”, in Gone with the Wind
  • The musical drama movie The Sound of Music, was broadcast on television for the first time today in 1976 on the ABC network
  • The last instalment of The Lord of the Rings movies, The Return of the King, received 11 Academy Awards today in 2004, tying the record with Ben-Hur and Titanic

Family Events Today

  • Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett, better known as the American Old West lawman Pat Garrett, died today in 1908 aged 57
  • The American Serial killer Aileen Wuornos was born today in 1956, she was executed for her crimes in 2002 aged 46
  • The English singer-songwriter Davy Jones, member of the band The Monkees, died today in 2012 aged 66

Main Event Today

  • As it’s the 29th of February today, it means it’s a leap year, the year has 366 days instead of 365 days

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Frog Legs Day

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