On This Day In History, 28 September

On This Day In History 28 September Image

World Events Today

  • The Norman conquest of England took a step forward as the Normans, led by Duke William of Normandy, landed at Pevensey in Sussex today in 1066
  • The Siege of Warsaw, at the beginning of World War II, ended today in 1939 when Poland officially surrendered to the invading Nazi German force
  • After serious riots in 1981, rioting broke out for the second time today in 1985 in Brixton in London, again the riots lasted 3 days and caused major destruction across the area

Entertainment Events Today

  • The British weekly magazine The Radio Times, the world’s first broadcast listings magazine, was issued for the first time today in 1923
  • Olivia Newton-John released the single Physical today in 1981, it went on to become her biggest ever hit
  • The science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation aired for the first time today in 1987

Family Events Today

  • The French biologist Louis Pasteur, who invented pasteurization, died today in 1895 aged 72
  • The American television personality Edward Vincent Sullivan, who had his own variety show for 23 years, was born today in 1901 in New York
  • The French actress Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, one of the best-known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s, was born today in 1934 in Paris

Main Event Today

  • On its 4th attempt, the successful launch of Falcon 1 today in 2008 meant it became the first privately funded and developed spacecraft into orbit

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Drink Beer Day

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