On This Day In History, 28 April

On This Day In History 28 April Image

World Events Today

  • With the end of World War II in sight, the deposed Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, was executed by an Italian partisan group today in 1945
  • The former Central Intelligence Agency officer turned KGB double agent, Aldrich Ames, pleaded guilty to spying today in 1994, he received life imprisonment
  • The American multi-millionaire Dennis Tito, became the world’s first-ever space tourist today in 2001, he paid a reported 20 million US Dollars for his 8 days in space

Entertainment Events Today

  • The original Wembley Stadium in London, opened today in 1923, Bolton Wanderers beat West Ham United in the FA Cup final
  • The spy comedy movie, loosely based on Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel Casino Royale, starring David Niven and Peter Sellers, was released today in 1967 in New York
  • The Heavyweight Boxing champion Muhammad Ali, refused to be inducted into the United States Army today in 1967, he was immediately stripped of his title

Family Events Today

  • The English author Terry Pratchett, best known for his Discworld series of novels, was born today in 1948 in Buckinghamshire
  • James Douglas Muir Leno, better known as the former late-night American television host Jay Leno, was born today in 1950 in New York
  • The Spanish actress and model Penélope Cruz, who starred in many movies, including Vanilla Sky, was born today in 1974 in the Community of Madrid

Main Event Today

  • The Mutiny on the Bounty occurred in the south Pacific today in 1789, disgruntled crewmen led by Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian, seized control of the ship from their captain Lieutenant William Bligh and set him and 18 others adrift

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Superhero Day

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