On This Day In History, 26 February

On This Day In History 26 February Image

World Events Today

  • HMHS Britannic was launched today in 1914, it was a sister ship of the Titanic, which infamously sank less than 2 years before
  • In defiance of The Versailles Treaty, the re-introduction of the German Luftwaffe was announced today in 1935
  • The World Trade Center in New York City was bombed by terrorists today in 1993

Entertainment Events Today

  • The first ever Grand National horserace, was run today in 1839 at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool
  • The hit album Thriller, by the legendary American pop-artist Michael Jackson, hit Number 1 on the Billboard today in 1983, it often sold 1 million worldwide copies a week
  • The first ever episode of Spitting Image, the satirical British television puppet show, aired today in 1984 on the ITV network

Family Events Today

  • Levi Strauss who would manufacture blue jeans for the first time, was born today in 1829 in the Kingdom of Bavaria
  • William Frederick Cody, better known as the American soldier, bison hunter, and showman Buffalo Bill, was born today in 1846 in Iowa
  • The American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash, whose hits included I Walk the Line and Ring of Fire, was born today in 1932 in Arkansas

Main Event Today

  • Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from his exile, on the island of Elba today in 1815, he returned to Paris to regain power within a month

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Pistachio Day

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