On This Day In History, 22 February

On This Day In History 22 February Image

World Events Today

  • The official ceremony for the erecting of Cleopatra’s Needle in New York, was held today in 1881
  • King O’Malley drove the first peg in the construction of Canberra, the future capital city of Australia, today in 1913
  • The United States Purple Heart, a military decoration awarded in the name of the President, was awarded for the first time today in 1932

Entertainment Events Today

  • The American racing driver Lee Petty, won the first Daytona 500 motor race today in 1959
  • In the “Miracle on Ice” at the Winter Olympic games today in 1980, the United States ice hockey team beat the Soviet Union in the final game, they won 4-3 and it is still considered one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history
  • In a World Cup match against England, the Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar bowled the fastest ball ever recorded today in 2003, 100.23 miles, 161.1 kilometres, per hour

Family Events Today

  • George Washington, who went on to become the first President of the United States, was born today in 1732 in Virginia
  • The British Army officer and founder of the Boy Scout Movement, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, was born today in 1857 in London
  • The Australian zookeeper and television personality, Steve Irwin, was born today in 1962, he was infamously killed by a Stingray at the age of 44 whilst filming a television programme

Main Event Today

  • Christchurch in New Zealand, was hit by a large earthquake today in 2011, there was widespread damage across the city and 185 people died

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Margarita Day

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