On This Day In History, 22 December

On This Day In History 22 December Image

World Events Today

  • Prince Itō Hirobumi became the first Prime Minister of Japan today in 1885
  • After 24 years in power, the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, was ousted from power today in 1989
  • Lech Wałęsa, was sworn in as the first popularly elected president of Poland today in 1990

Entertainment Events Today

  • The USGA, the United States Golf Association, was founded today in 1894
  • The original The Mummy movie, starring Boris Karloff, was released today in 1932
  • Doctor Zhivago, the epic romantic movie drama directed by David Lean, was released in the US today in 1965, it went on to win 5 Academy Awards

Family Events Today

  • The Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, famous for works such as Tosca and Madama Butterfly, was born today in 1858 in Lucca
  • The British rockers, members of the Bee Gees, the twins Maurice and Robin Gibb, were born today in 1949 in the Isle of Man
  • The American pop singer, Madonna, married movie director, Guy Ritchie, today in 2000 at Skibo Castle in Scotland

Main Event Today

  • Edward Johnson, an associate of the inventor Thomas Edison, displayed his Christmas tree with a string of lights on it today in 1882, the first ever Christmas tree lights

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Date Nut Bread Day

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