On This Day In History, 20 May

On This Day In History 20 May Image

World Events Today

  • Blue jeans were patented today in 1873, by Jacob W Davis and Levi Strauss
  • The funeral of British King Edward VII took place today in 1910, it was the largest known gathering of European royalty ever to take place
  • The American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, set off from Newfoundland on her journey to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, today in 1932, she landed the next morning at Culmore, Northern Island

Entertainment Events Today

  • The final episode of the American sitcom television series Cheers, “Where Everyone Knows Your Name”, was aired today in 1993 on the NBC network
  • The reality television series America’s Next Top Model, aired for the first time today in 2003 on UPN
  • The final episode of the American late-night talk show, the Late Show with David Letterman, aired today in 2015

Family Events Today

  • The Polish military and political leader Władysław Sikorski, Prime Minister of the Polish government-in-exile during World War II, was born today in 1881 in Austria-Hungary
  • The American actor James Stewart, who starred in many movies, including It’s a Wonderful Life, was born today in 1908 in Pennsylvania
  • Cherilyn Sarkisian, better known as the American singer Cher, the “Goddess of Pop”, was born today in 1946 in California

Main Event Today

  • The Three Gorges Dam, a hydroelectric gravity dam spanning the Yangtze River in China, officially opened today in 2006

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Pick Strawberries Day

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