On This Day In History, 19 February

On This Day In History 19 February Image

World Events Today

  • The Bombing of Darwin, an attack by over 200 Japanese aircraft, started today in 1942, it was the largest single attack ever mounted by a foreign power on Australia
  • The Battle of Iwo Jima, a major World War 2 battle in which the United States defeated Japan, started today in 1945
  • At least 44 people were killed, during the Apodaca Prison Riot, in Mexico today in 2012, most were from rival drug gangs

Entertainment Events Today

  • American inventor Thomas Edison patented the phonograph today in 1878
  • The last day of the Jubilee Test Cricket match was today in 1980 in Bombay, the England legend Ian Botham scored a century and took 13 wickets, as England won
  • The first ever episode of Eastenders, the popular British soap opera, was aired today in 1985 on BBC 1

Family Events Today

  • The Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the first to suggest the Earth revolved around the Sun, was born today in 1473 in Toruń
  • The legendary American film and television actor Lee Marvin, star of Paint Your Wagon, was born today in 1924 in New York City
  • The Canadian actress, star of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson, married the American musician Tommy Lee today in 1995, they had known each other less than one week

Main Event Today

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Chocolate Mint Day

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