On This Day In History, 18 October

On This Day In History 18 October Image

World Events Today

  • Although the sale of Alaska, by Russia to the United States, was agreed in March, the formal transfer did not take place until today in 1867, it remains a public holiday in Alaska
  • The American gangster Al Capone was convicted on 3 counts of tax evasion today in 1931, he was later sentenced to 11 years in prison
  • The Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas opened today in 1968, it is the largest permanent big top in the world

Entertainment Events Today

  • The novel Moby-Dick, by the American writer Herman Melville, was published today in 1851 in the United Kingdom
  • The first mass produced transistor radio, the Regency TR-1 by Texas Instruments, was announced today in 1954
  • The Walt Disney animated musical comedy movie The Jungle Book, based on the book by Rudyard Kipling, was released today in 1967

Family Events Today

  • The American inventor Thomas Edison, developer of many things we now take for granted, such as the motion picture camera and the long-lasting electric light bulb, died today in 1931 aged 84
  • Lee Harvey Oswald, the American Marxist and former US Marine who assassinated the United States President John F Kennedy in November 1963, was born today in 1939 in New Orleans
  • The Czechoslovakian tennis player Martina Navratilova, considered one of the best female tennis players of all time, was born today in 1956 in Prague

Main Event Today

  • The British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, was founded today in 1922

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day

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