On This Day In History, 17 March

On This Day In History 17 March Image

World Events Today

  • The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius died today in 180, his 18 year old son Commodus, who had been co-emperor, took over as the sole emperor
  • After being captured 10 days previously, the Ludendorff Bridge, the Bridge at Remagen, collapsed today in 1945
  • The Hydrogen bomb, which went missing after a B-52G Bomber incident earlier in the year, was found today in 1966

Entertainment Events Today

  • Five years after the previous bridge had been sold to an American entrepreneur, Queen Elizabeth II opened the new London Bridge today in 1973
  • The American crime movie Goodfellas, won a Bafta for the best movie today in 1991, its director Martin Scorsese also won a Bafta for best direction
  • The remake of the romantic musical movie Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, was released today in 2017 in the United States

Family Events Today

  • Nathaniel Adams Coles, better known as the American jazz singer Nat King Cole, was born today in 1919 in Alabama
  • The American actor Patrick Duffy, most famous for his roles as the Man from Atlantis and Bobby Ewing in Dallas, was born today in 1949 in Montana
  • The American actor Kurt Russell, who starred in many movies, including Big Trouble in Little China and the remake of The Thing, was born today in 1951 in Massachusetts

Main Event Today

  • Believed to be the day the patron saint of Ireland died, today is celebrated by the Irish, and many others, around the world as Saint Patrick’s Day

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

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