On This Day In History, 15 May

On This Day In History 15 May Image

World Events Today

  • The Royal British Legion, a British charity providing support to members, veterans and family of the British Armed Forces, was founded today in 1921
  • The Moscow Metro, the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union, opened today in 1935
  • Britain tested its first hydrogen bomb today in 1957

Entertainment Events Today

  • Mickey Mouse was seen for the first time in public today in 1928, it was in a short test movie called Plane Crazy, although it failed to impress, that all changed when Steamboat Willie was released later in the year
  • The American heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano, who never lost a professional fight, knocked out Joe Walcott in the first round today in 1963, it was the first of his six world title defences
  • The final episode of The Late Show with Joan Rivers, was aired today in 1987 on the Fox Network, it was renamed The Late Show and then featured rotating guest hosts

Family Events Today

  • The English composer Mike Oldfield, most famous for his legendary Tubular Bells album, was born today in 1953 in Berkshire
  • The Scottish tennis player Andy Murray, 3 time Grand Slam winner, was born today in 1987 in Glasgow
  • Ian Duncan Stewart, better known as the notorious Moors murderer Ian Brady, died in prison today in 2017 aged 79

Main Event Today

  • The city of Las Vegas, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, was founded today in 1905

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Nylon Stocking Day

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