On This Day In History, 15 April

On This Day In History 15 April Image

World Events Today

  • King George VI awarded The George Cross to the island of Malta today in 1942, it was to, “bear witness to the heroism and devotion of its people”, during the great siege they underwent during World War 2
  • The Hillsborough disaster, a fatal human crush during a football match occurred today in 1989, 96 died and 766 were injured, one of the worst disasters in British sporting history
  • The Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral in Paris caught fire today in 2019, restoration work was calculated at 20 years or more

Entertainment Events Today

  • A Dictionary of the English Language by Samuel Johnson, one of the most influential dictionaries in the history of the English language, was published today in 1755
  • Tokyo Disneyland, the first Disney park built outside the United States, opened today in 1983
  • The American drama television series Fargo, premiered today in 2014 on the FX network

Family Events Today

  • The English snooker legend Joe Davis OBE, who won the first 15 World Championships from 1927 to 1946, was born today in 1901 in Derbyshire
  • The actress Dame Emma Thompson, one of Britain’s most acclaimed actresses, was born today in 1959 in London
  • Emma Watson, who gained fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series, was born today in 1990 in Paris

Main Event Today

  • On its maiden voyage across the Atlantic, the RMS Titanic, after hitting an iceberg, sank today near Newfoundland in 1912

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Take a Wild Guess Day

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