On This Day In History, 12 November

On This Day In History 12 November Image

World Events Today

  • The body and diary of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his companions were found in Antarctica today in 1912, over 7 months after their estimated date of death
  • Following the failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, Adolf Hitler was arrested and imprisoned today in 1923 for treason
  • After suffering direct hits from British Lancaster bombers, the German battleship Tirpitz was sunk today in 1944

Entertainment Events Today

  • The ex-Beatle Paul McCartney released the children’s single We All Stand Together, also known as the Frog Chorus, today in 1984
  • The British TV sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, made its television debut on the BBC today in 1992
  • The Hong Kong martial artist and actor Jackie Chan was awarded an honorary Oscar for his extraordinary achievements in film today in 2016

Family Events Today

  • The American actress Grace Kelly, who starred in many movies, including Rear Window and To Catch a Thief, and became Princess of Monaco, was born today in 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • King Canute, of turning back the tide fame, died today in 1035 in Dorset, England
  • Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man, The X-Men, Thor, and The Hulk, amongst others, died today in 2018 aged 95

Main Event Today

  • After processing around 12 million immigrants, Ellis Island in New York Harbor finally shut its doors today in 1954

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

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