On This Day In History, 12 December

On This Day In History 12 December Image

World Events Today

  • The American flying ace Chuck Yeager, set a new record today in 1953, by flying at Mach 2.44
  • Adolf Eichmann, one of the major organizers of the Holocaust, was found guilty of war crimes by a court in Jerusalem today in 1961, he was sentenced to death by hanging
  • Marconi claimed to have sent the first Atlantic wireless transmission, from the UK to Canada, today in 1901

Entertainment Events Today

  • The American professional tennis player Arthur Ashe, who won three Grand Slam titles, became the first black player to be ranked world number 1 today in 1968
  • James “Bone Crusher” Smith, in a surprise victory, knocked out Tim Witherspoon today in 1986, to win the WBA Heavyweight title
  • Keiko, the actual killer whale who portrayed Willy in the 1993 hit movie Free Willy, died today in 2003

Family Events Today

  • The Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, most famous for the legendary painting “The Scream”, was born today in 1863 in Ådalsbruk
  • Francis Albert Sinatra, better known as the American singer and actor Frank Sinatra, whose hits included My Way and Strangers in the Night, was born today in 1915 in New Jersey
  • The American actor, Richard Gere, married the American supermodel, Cindy Crawford, in Las Vegas today in 1991

Main Event Today

  • Apple, the multinational corporation, maker of the iPhone, made its IPO, Initial Public Offering, today in 1980

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Ambrosia Day

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