On This Day In History, 11 February

On This Day In History 11 February Image

World Events Today

  • The Vatican gained its independence from Italy today in 1929
  • The largest lobster ever caught was caught today in 1977, off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada, it weighed over 20 kilograms, 44 pounds
  • The South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and political leader Nelson Mandela, was released today in 1990, he had been imprisoned for 27 years

Entertainment Events Today

  • The second Winter Olympics opened today in 1928 in Saint Moritz, Switzerland
  • In one of the biggest upsets in sporting history, Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson today in 1990, to win the world heavyweight boxing title

Family Events Today

  • The American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison, the man behind the phonograph, motion picture camera and the lightbulb, was born today in 1847 in Ohio
  • The American singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow was born today in 1962 in Missouri
  • The American actress, star of Friends, Jenifer Aniston, was born today in 1969 in California

Main Event Today

  • Bernadette, a 14 year old Roman Catholic girl, had her first vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes in France today in 1858, the visions were later authenticated by Pope Pius IX in 1862, initiating the cult of Our Lady of Lourdes

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National White Shirt Day

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