On This Day In History, 1 January

On This Day In History 1 January Image

World Events Today

  • Ellis Island in New York processed its first immigrant today in 1892, it was Annie Moore, a 17 year old girl from Cork, Ireland
  • The German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen, presented the first ever medical X-ray, of his wife’s hand, today in 1896
  • The Euro became the official currency of 11 European countries today in 1999, notes and coins were introduced 3 years later in 2002

Entertainment Events Today

  • The first edition of The Times, London’s oldest running newspaper, was published today in 1788
  • Frankenstein, the best-selling novel written by the English author Mary Shelley, was published today in 1818
  • Johnny Cash, played the first of his famous free prison concerts today in 1958, it was at the San Quentin State Prison

Family Events Today

  • John Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, was born today in 1895 in Washington
  • Harold Adrian Russell Philby, better known as the double agent Kim Philby, member of the Cambridge Five, was born today in 1912
  • The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, married Melinda French today in 1994

Main Event Today

National Day Today

  • Today, it’s National Hangover Day

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